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Friday, 8 March 2013

Update on Operation Shore Up

Over the last few weeks we have had contractors in helping us to repair all the storm damaged areas.This at times has seemed like a never ending proccess but thanks to the Contractors and our own Staff ,we are now busy with the final clean up and prepping areas for turfing.
We have managed to reclaim the lost Dune land at the Mouth of the 13th Burn the blocks are now in place and will be Sand Covered and Marram Sprigged in due course.
The Dry Concrete Mix Bagging work to the Banks of the Burn has been Completed.
The foundations are now in place for the new bridge, The Extended Burn Bankings have still to be prepped and turfed.
The Gabion Basket Work has been completed at the 8th hole with Enkamatting covering the baskets .We will be covering the matting with soil and seeding as soon as possible.                                                     

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