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Friday, 20 February 2015

Winter Project Update 12

This week we have completed the building of the fairway bunkers on the 9th this leaves the sand to go into the bunkers and then turfing around them .

Preparation of the path down to the 10th fairway is completed and turfing has started : )
We have also started to tidy up any scruffy whin bushes on the 9th.
We will dig out the roots prep and turf this area nxt to the 9th tee .

Monday, 9 February 2015

1st Dressing of the Year

Today we are giving greens and surrounds their first topdressing of the year , with lots more to come ! 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Winter Project Update 11

The weather through to Thursday this week has been no use for moving forward with the project , snow at first which turned to sheet ice means hard weather jobs for Greenkeepers !

                                         Gorse Trimming and Clearance.
                                                   New Tilt Bucket .
                   On Thursday we started Revetting Bunkers on the 9th Fairway .
    We have now finished Turfing the 10th medal tee ,leaving only the Yellow/red tee left to do .
    The new 9th green has been rolled again and is settling in well with plenty of roots driving down into the new rootzone . 
The main tasks left to complete the project are prepping ,turfing and rubber matting Pathways up from the 8th fairway ,up to and down from the new 9th tees , from the 10th tees down to the fairway.
The Building/Revetting of the 9 th fairway bunkers .