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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Rough Management

Over the last month we have had exceptional growing conditions lots of Heat,Light and Moisture. During the last six years at Cruden Bay we have done a lot of work to the Roughs on the course Flailing ,Strimming and Spraying to thin out and break the cycle of the previous years thatch/fibre feeding up the next years heavy growth ,this is done yearly in the Autumn but with recent conditions forcing up heavy growth we have been out Cutting ,Collecting,Blowing,Strimming and then Spraying Off these areas with a Chemical to thin them out.
                                                Strimming At The 5th.
            We Have also been out Spraying Off any Rank Grasses on our Surrounds.
                          It was lovely when the sun made an appearance !  :  )

Thursday, 5 June 2014

More Rainy Days !

Another rainy day ! So we are out doing some aeration on the greens ,we are also taking the opertunity to spray the Tees and Fairway Peaks with Aquatrols 50/90 surfactant.
Jimmy Spiking the Greens

Jim out spraying the Tees.
Paul out spraying the peaks on fairways.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Rainy Day Forecast

The weather forecast was for Rain today ,we have been out and Brushed,Handcut,Top Dressed and Sprayed The Greens with Wetting Agent/Surfactant.
The Rain did arrive later and was very helpfull in watering in the sand dressing and Wetting Agent/Surfactant.
    Sandy and Allan have been out this week doing some repairs to the Bench around the Toilets at the 8th/16th. I am pleased to report all fingers and thumbs have been accounted for ! : )