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Friday, 19 August 2011

Overseeding Fescue.

Today we are overseeding the big course greens with Fescue .

 The John Deere Aerocore is used to make thousands of small plant pots at about 2 inch square spacings and about 1 inch deep.
 We then use a broadcast spreader to apply the seed and a light dose of poultry manure.

 This is then astro drag matted  into the holes ,after this a turf iron is used to consilodate the surface then topdressing is fired on and astro drag matted in.

The  final clean up involves a cut with the triple mower and a vibro roll in behind.                                                        

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Four weeks to the day we sprayed the chemical called Rescue(Pinoxaden) on the big course greens this was done too clean out primarily Rye grass on several greens but also some yorkshire fog and scruffy Highland Bent.
                                          1st Green 2.5 weeks after spraying .
                                     2nd Green 3 weeks after spraying.
Overseeding has been intensified on all the weaker areas for the last three weeks to get these infested areas filled in /closed up with finer grasses ASAP.                                                                                                                

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ragwort Weather !

Today it has rained constantly ,so ive taken the opportunity to put a light Granular Feed on the Greens 8-0-0 .
The rest of the Team have been picking Ragwort "Stinking Willie". In Scotland its called this because its said to have spread in the path of William Duke of Cumberland`s Culloden Campaign.
                                      Michael & Jimmy hauling it out ! 

Dyna Seeder Units

Last week we had Demonstration of the Dyna Seeder Units these are the Mk 2 Model and are a vast improvement on the Mk 1 for Fescue Overseeding !
In Action on the 7th Green .

Deputy Paul Marshall  In Test Mode!