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Friday, 31 May 2013

May Aeration & Overseeding

At the start of this week we have been V Draining/ Aerating our greens with 8 mm Solid Tines to a depth of  210 mm .
We have also been out with our Dyna Seeder Units popping in some Fescue.

The Newly Reconstructed Green at the 14th is now in play.

Whilst the weather in the afternoons has been fine the mornings are still very cold for Late May !!

Friday, 17 May 2013

In the last couple of days we have applied some Fish Hyrolysate to our greens with the new JD HD200 sprayer. It is performing well with the new Syngenta Xc Nozzles .

The newly reconstructed green at the 14th is getting close to opening with regular cutting and topdressing helping to produce a smooth surface.

The roots on the 14th Green are down about 5 inches now and with temperatures on the rise and lots of daylight the rooting will now increase steadily    :  )
I took the family to Aden Park in Mintlaw last weekend , it was great to see something other than Poa In Flower !