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Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Overseeding

We had the course shut on Monday and Tuesday this week to Overseed some Fescue & Bent  into our Big Course Greens . The Operation worked well with little disruption to the surface .

First Job Was Using Our Speedseeder  To Put In The Bent
 It Makes Thousands of Dimple Holes For The Bent Seed.

Then We Used Our Disc Seeder For Ploughing In the Fescue.

Clean And Tidy After a Cut and Iron.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Rough Management

With this season being wet wet wet we have seen the rough in a lot of areas getting too thick.We normally hire in a flail box collector about this time of year but have managed to purchase a second hand machine : ) this will  allow us to thin out areas when the weather suits us .The best season for rough thinning is autumn when its naturaly dying back.
New Flail Ready For Action !

One draw back we have at Cruden Bay is that a number of the extended roughs have severe contours on them which the flail will not safley tackle, to get onto these more challenging areas we have used our John Deere Rotary Terrain Cut 8800 .
8800 Sawing Away !
Any grass lying after the 8800 is either raked up if very heavy or blown well out off play with the Kubota /Tornado Blower.