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Friday, 13 March 2015

Winter Project Update 13

The Project is in the final stages now ! Nearing Completion :  )
The pathway to the 10th fairway has been completed.
The Turfing Job around the 9th Fairway Bunkers is almost completed.
The pathway upto the 9th tees and down to the fairway has been completed .
Along with finishing turfing around the fairway bunkers on the 9th we still have to fix the path up from the 8th fairway , there is a lot of tidying up to do and lots of Overseeding of Roughs .


  1. Hello, Keep up the good work you are doing with your blog.
    I would like more explanations about the way you are doing path with rubber mats. It's uncleared for me if you are sodding first and laying mat to let the grass grows between holes or lay mat and seed on the mat to get grass. Thank for further explanations.

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  3. I too would like more info. on creating golf buggy paths using rubber mats. I'm a transplanted Aberdonian currently living in the United States. My local courses could do with some help in repairing/replacing existing cart paths. My email address is godsmandoug@gmail.com. Thanks for your help. Hope to play Cruden Bay when I'm over next year! Doug Godsman