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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Crumb Of Comfort

In the last Day or two we have dressed some grass pathways with Rubber Crumb ,this helps to cushion and protect the crown of the grass from being walked off with constant wear .This picture shows the crumb on the surface before it is brushed into the canopy .
Over the last few weeks we have managed to overseed regularly with Browntop Bent,and have also aereated with 8mm solid tines to a depth of 150mm.

The weather deserves a special mention please if anyone out there could be so kind as to send us some dry & sunny weather even just for a week it would be a great tonic for us all and the course !
With the summer being a washout the greens are taking more pitchmarks than normal. Please when repairing them DONT just hoof up the middle exposing the perfect seedbed for weeds ect ,it also looks hellish ! Pull/Fork the grass into the middle AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU WERE NEVER THERE .

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