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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Rubber Crumb In The Bath Tub !

Today we have put down our 3rd application of Rubber Crumb on the R H S off the Bath Tub 14th Green .
The Right Hand Side suffers from a lot of traffic especially the base off the steps !
The Rubber Crumb brushed in after spiking/solid tining helps the roots and base of the plant handle the wear and tear from thousands off golfers feet over the course off a season !
Roomer has it the rubber crumb is recycled formula 1 tyres and can double the green speed ! :   )

The last few days we have had a demonstration off the Toro Pro Core 648  and we took the opertunity to solid tine a lot of areas around the course including the spare green above and the undulating 17th fairway which it handled with ease !

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